Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Party Day!

Today was Austin Kieff's party.  He had such a wonderful time with his friend and  family who were able to attend!  The Demo Team performed and Austin Kieff even broke a board!!   It was  such a  fun morning.  We are so thankful for Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Jerrica who met us at the new studio last night and let us decorate.  I think AKJ had almost as much fun last night playing hockey, basketball and wearing the sparring gear as he did today.  He is looking forward to Karate Cubs at Mr. Patrick's studio. 

Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Jerrica met us again early this morning before the party.  Poor Mr. Patrick was not  even  able to go to bed this morning (he works nights at the TPD, according to AKJ, "just like my Uncle Jeremy did, 'cept his T was Tuscaloosa and not Troy.").  Kasey Hayes Vinson did a GREAT job  decorating the cake and it was absolutely delicious!!  Fresh fruit, as always and chips were the only other items on the menu today. 

Here are a few pictures from our day:

We made a birthday banner

The Cake

Mr. Patrick  hanging out by the pinata

The food table

The Birthday Boy

Balloon Fighting was a "Hit"
Jacob and Austin Kieff

Lily and her balloon

The Demo Team stretching

Austin Kieff stretching 




I cannot spell this sweet girl's name, but she is
one of  Austin Kieff's Favorites :-)
It starts with a Y and sounds like Eye-EE-sha

Playing the Belt Game

Getting ready to blow out  his pretend candle!

Pinata Time!







Present  Time!

Austin Kieff  and Olivia (Bruce is right behind them)

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