Friday, June 3, 2011

Cullman Visit

We finally had an opportunity to go to Cullman a few weeks ago.  We left excited to be on our way only to have to take a VERY LONG detour.  What should take about 3.5 hours took over 5 hours!!!

We woke up early Saturday morning and Grandmother made the kids' favorite: homemade biscuits and scrambled eggs. Uncle Chris and Hunter joined us for breakfast. We were just missing Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Lindsey, Ella Grace and Major. Caroline looked all over for Major and Ella Grace. We toured the tornado damage before spending a wonderful afternoon at Smith Lake...correction at "Granddaddy's Lake." There was swimming, fishing, baseball and delicious grilled chicken, fried dill pickles and so much more (okay, for everyone other than me the focus was on the fried crappy caught by Chris and understanding is that it was WONDERFUL...I am taking everyone else's word for it!). Sunday we went to Church with Granddaddy and Grandmother and met Chris and Hunter at Casa Fiesta for lunch.  Caroline enjoyed her new favorite dish from Mexican restaurants: hot dog and french fries, ha!  Unfortunately she was a little sick that afternoon.  She had fought a fever since Saturday morning and really did not feel well the rest of the weekend.  David, Austin Kieff, Chris and Hunter went fishing Sunday evening before we left early (make that VERY early) Monday morning.  Here are a few pictures  from the weekend:

Caroline loves to see her hair in pictures

Caroline playing with Uncle Chris

I  think she is having a  really good time...
I am not sure that Uncle Chris is enjoying the workout, ha!

The next pictures are of some the damaged areas we "toured" on
Saturday morning. 

Uncle Chris and Caroline

The beautiful lake

Hunter and Austin Kieff playing baseball

David and Austin  Kieff  fishing

A little love between siblings

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