Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8, 2006

Five years ago today, I had a doctor's appointment. I was a little concerned because the little one growing inside of me had quit moving. At first the doctor was not concerned, but when he had trouble finding a heartbeat, he immediately sent me over to the hospital. After the results of the biophysical profile, a non-stress test was ordered. I wasn't sure what to think I call David? My mom? Am I overreacting? Once the contractions were intensified with the help of a little medicine, a sweet nurse told me I might want to call someone. She saw a c-section in my near future.

Needless to say my mom and David had already been calling each other because my appointment had lasted much longer than expected. They were by my side in a matter of minutes. This was definitely not what I had planned for the day...
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