Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday Countdown - 2nd Birthday: Construction Zone

The Saturday of Austin Kieff's second birthday party was a very busy day!  That  morning was his friend Anna's birthday party at the park in Troy.  It was followed by his birthday party that afternoon.  Anna and Austin  Kieff were partied out by the end of the day, ha!  David was still recovering from the burns he sustained in an explosion at work.  It was a fun and stressful weekend to be sure!

Playing on the playground at Anna's party

I have always loved this picture

The food table at Austin Kieff's party

The present/favor table

The cake, which was picked up by Aunt Mary Margaret and
Uncle Grady who brought it all the way from Auburn because
Kroger was the ONLY bakery I could find to do the construction
cake the way we wanted it!!

Playing in the bounce house

Austin Kieff and Jacob

The construction pit

Austin Kieff and Hudson

Uncle John Wayne sporting a construction hat

Playing with his cake

Just a little taste

Present time!  The Austin's Room sign came from The Smith family.
Austin  Kieff is partially named after their son Austin Kyle Smith.

The  fishing pole (from Uncle Grady, Aunt Mary Margaret, Jacob and Lily)
was a hit...he still has it.

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