Friday, June 3, 2011


Today was bittersweet, yes I can say that and yes I know it was only graduation from Preschool.  Austin Kieff began his journey at the First United Methodist Church Daycare and Preschool in July of 2006.  I called in the fall of 2005 to place him on the waitlist for the infant room.  In April, we had still not been granted admission.  At the time, we did not know that slots were not granted to newcomers (those who did not already have children in FUMC)  until after current students registered in May.  I am not sure if this is how  the infant class worked, but it was the first week of  June that we found out there was a space for our little one.  We visited Mrs. Mary Lou for the first time when Austin  Kieff was just a few days old.  Mrs. Mary Lou even had Caroline for a few months before she moved up.  I am said to say that we lost Mrs. Mary Lou not too long ago.  She is greatly missed.

FUMC is  full of wonderful people who love  the Lord and children!  We have been lucky to have the best teachers:   Mrs. Mary Lou, Mrs. Khris, Mrs. Amber, Mrs. Tisha and Mrs. Maxine.  The "afternoon" teachers have been great as well: Miss Kristen, Miss Kaylee, Miss Spencer, Miss Angel...even those I fail to mention have  been great.  The support staff are amazing.  Especially,  Mr. Alvin.  He has helped ease the from home to school transition on many of a morning for my  little man.  Mr. Alvin has a very special place in our hearts and we are so glad Caroline will benefit from his presence until she graduates!

Austin Kieff met his first girlfriend (Anna K.) and until this year was lucky enough to have the same classmates. We have missed the girls he started Mrs. Mary Lou's class with. Although, the new additions in the K-4 class have been super sweet and Austin Kieff formed friendships with them quickly.

Here are few pictures from the morning, graduation and the end-of-the-year program:

Mrs. Maxine and Austin Kieff

Kade and Austin Kieff have been together since
the 1-year old room with Mrs. Khris

Anna G. and Austin Kieff

(L-R)Austin Kieff, Kade, Olivia and Anna G.

This picture adds Kayla who joined us in Mrs. Amber's room

Walking in

Walking across the stage

The Graduates
Anna, Ashlynn, Austin Kieff, Kade, Elsie Claire, Olivia and Tyler

The "Diploma"

Mr. Alvin  with Austin Kieff

The front row is Caroline's class...note she is standing next to
Tate K. who seems to be her big buddy just as Anna K. was
Austin Kieff's.  We sure did miss Anna K., Hudson and Sydney this year!

Caroline and Tate
Thanks Grandmother  for making the BEAUTIFUL
outfit for Caroline to wear.  Several moms asked me
where we found it!

yes, she is climbing on the alter railing...

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