Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prayer Request

Received this from my brother, please be praying:

"I just got a call from Mary Margaret this afternoon when I got back in the office. Her dad, Harry Jacobs, was at a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and the doctor did an ultrasound I believe and said that his Aorta did not look right. He has an aneurysm on his Aorta or near his aorta. Mary Margaret did not have all the details. I believe he is still in Dothan. They are going to send him home and want him to come back Thursday and will determine whether he will require a stint or surgery. Please keep him and our family in your prayers. He is going through a lot right now between caring for his wife, having Mary Margaret sick and one of his son’s is having some problems as well. It all weighs very heavy on him and is taking a toll.

I am assuming since they sent him home, that it must not be a large aneurysm or too serious, but I don’t know much about those things and Mary Margaret was a little upset on the phone so I didn’t get all the details. He will be in the hospital either way with the stint or surgery and I am not sure how we will care for her mom while he is there and recovers and get Mary Margaret to treatment and therapy. We will probably stay in Elba while he is in the hospital so that we can help with her mom at night. Mary Margaret’s mom has to be given a lot of medication every few hours and Mary Margaret’s dad usually fixes it and feeds it to her. They have a sitter during the day that helps out with changing, bathing, moving around, etc but from 4:00pm to 7:30am it is just Mary Margaret’s dad. If he is in the hospital, someone will have to care for her and make sure she gets all of her medications.

Mary Margaret is also having a much harder time with her chemo treatments than she did at first. She has been sick for a few weeks with cold, headaches and some nausea that just want go away. Nothing serious, but just nagging things that I can tell slow her down and make her feel bad. She won’t admit to it and tries very hard to not to let it show, but it is catching up to her. She only has one long chemo treatment left before she starts radiation, so we are thankful for that.

After radiation she will only go once a week for the herceptin and therapy on her hand and arm which will not make her sick anymore. She is still doing much better than the majority of people we see at treatment each week, so we are blessed in that regards.

I would like to thank everyone for their encouragement during the last two weeks as my grandfather was ill and passed away last Wednesday. I am very fortunate to work where I was able to go and spend a few days with him before he passed away. He is at peace now, but he will be greatly missed. The funeral was hard on everyone but much easier than watching him suffer over the last few months. For all my life he was more of a father than a grandfather and whenever I needed something or needed to talk to someone, I could always call him and he was there for me and for everyone else in our family with whatever we needed. I would ask that you remember his wife Maxine Boyd in your prayers as well.

They were married for over 63 years I believe. I never heard either one say a negative thing about the other one or speak an angry word about the other unless it was my grandmother telling him he was stubborn.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers. It has been a rough few months but I have faith that things will turn around. "
Mary Margaret is definitely stronger than I could ever be. She is truly amazing...to be around her, you wouldn't even know she was fighting a battle of her own. She is definitely a source of encouragement to me.
Please keep my brother in your prayers as well. He is pretty amazing to me as well. His faith has not wavered through all the trials our family has faced. He is a source of encouragement and strength.
As for my grandfather, I am so thankful that he is not suffering. It has been so hard to watch him struggle for every breath...unable to sit up or walk...unable to feed himself...he has always been such a strong man. This loss is hard on all of us, but especially my mom.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Funeral Arrangements

My grandfather died yesterday morning in his sleep. I am thankful he went in his sleep and that he is not suffering any longer. Several friends and extended family have called or emailed for funeral arrangements:

Services will be Saturday at 1:00 at:

Eastern Gate Memorial Funeral Home
1985 W Nine Mile Rd
Pensacola, Florida 32534
(850) 479-9223 , fax (850) 479-2475

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wondering where we have been?

We have not dropped off the face of the earth...promise! I have been taking pictures of our growing son and daughter, but have not had time to upload or even send any off for printing. We celebrated Easter in Pensacola. We were back down last Wednesday and then back again Friday and Saturday. We really thought these would be our last days with my grandfather (a.k.a. d-dad, dad, pa, Johnnie B). He is still hanging in there.

We were so excited to meet Alison (future wife of my cousin Spencer [a.k.a. Uncle Spencer]). Boy is she pretty and SUPER sweet. She seems perfect for Spence...smart, athletic, likes the outdoors and dogs. They even work at the same company in Texas.

Sunday was Caroline's first trip to Sunday School (she has been to Wednesday night service and Maundy Thursday service). In our class we all wrote something down that we worry about. Our worries were distributed to the class. We are all now praying specifically for someone else in our class. If you have something you would like me or us to pray for, send me an email or leave a comment. Sunday we also discovered that I actually know, well am acquainted with, one of the newest members of our Sunday school class. We lived in the same dorm at college! So now there are two surprise connections to our classmates [one of the members is from my birth-dad's hometown, knows my cousins and quite possibly is a distant relative according to my mom].

I promise to post pictures of my cooing, smiling SCREAMING baby girl soon [the SCREAMING seems to be related to her stomach and eating...so I am now keeping a food diary to see what in my diet may be causing problems]. I have some adorable pictures of Austin Kieff and Jacob playing. I have some bittersweet pictures of my grandfather and his daughters. Somehow I missed my Uncle.

By the way...if any of you have any ideas of explaining death to a toddler, please post a comment or send an email.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Return to Church and General Update

Warning-this is full of random points...

We made it to Church for the first time since Caroline's arrival last Wednesday night. It was great to be back. Following prayer requests and praise reports, Bro. Luke reminded us not to worry.

Mathew 6:25--Therefore I say unto you, be not anxious for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than the food, and the body than the raiment?

He mentioned how great would it be if this made it to the Front Page News. It was a great topic for me to hear and study on afterwards.

David's parents came down for the weekend and tried out Deer Run campground. Austin Kieff loves their "vacation house" and had a blast visiting with them despite not being 100%. We will be traveling to Cullman the weekend of the 25th to attend a family reunion. I hope to also plan a little visit to a friend of mine as well if time and schedules permit.

We were hoping to attend Sunday School this past Sunday, but after a few days outside and possibly a virus Austin Kieff was not feeling well. Miss Caroline wasn't herself either. After appointments with Dr. Block, Austin Kieff is now using "Big Boy" inhalers instead of his Moo Cow (nebulizer) and has a new antibiotic. As for Miss Caroline, I thought she had a seizure yesterday afternoon, but so far the episode has not been repeated. Hopefully it was just some type of reflex. If it happens again we will take her to the emergency room. I am watching her for signs of fever...99.5 and she gets to see Dr. Block again!

We are looking forward to Maundy Thursday service if both kids are well and spending Easter with my Grandparents in Pensacola. They have not met Caroline and are very excited that she is coming.

On a sad note, my parents lost there dog Freckles yesterday. Animals to my family are part of the family. They are going to have a difficult time especially my Dad.

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