Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We celebrated victory and remembered those lost on Saturday, September 11, 2010. 

I had  the bright idea of making a sign for the Rick & Bubba sign contest as the winner receives $500. 

*We made on the show...but the sign could not be read :(

In order to participate, we had to be at the filming of ESPN College Game Day.  No problem, it starts at  8:00, right?  Ha!  No problem if you are in town.  If you are more than three hours from town it makes for a LONG day.  The kids and I were ready at 3:45.   David a little after 4.  That's a.m. in case anyone was wondering.  Austin was so excited that he did not go immediately back to sleep.

I am not sure what he was doing in this picture...but he was "chatty kathy" for most of the drive to Montgomery.  Once we made it to Prattville, we intended to purchase diapers.  Well, for those of you who are not frequent Target or Publix shoppers, they are not open before 8:00 and 7:00, respectively  (much to my disappointment).  We did find old reliable Wal-Mart just up the road!

A little late,  a little sleepy and VERY excited we arrived in Tuscaloosa.  I made a few pictures before the walk to the stadium.

Playing before heading to the stadium
Isn't she CUTE!  I just love her pig tails!!

Caroline strolled while Austin Kieff road David's shoulders to the stadium where Game Day was being filmed live.  It was an awesome yet VERY HOT experience.  Alabama fans definitely love their team, their stadium and the coaches (past and present). 

The Game Day set
David and Austin Kieff
Caroline patiently waiting  in her stroller (no, it DID NOT last long)
Austin Kieff participating in a football toss.   He never made it in the hole, but nailed just above or to the side every time!  Not too bad for 4!!

We decided to leave Game Day around 10:00.  We stopped to pick up lunch before heading to Jeremy and Lindsey's to help move.  We arrived just in time...that is, just in time to help with the LAST load!! 

Grandmother, Caroline and Mrs. Brenda after everything was packed up

Caroline and Austin Kieff

We helped deliver the remaining items to the rental house just up the road.  Austin Kieff and Caroline had a blast playing with their cousins Ella Grace and  Major.   Caroline really enjoyed playing Ella Grace and  Major's Aunt Lori!!  She even called her...or tried "Lo-lo"

We left Lindsey's to head back to the stadium a little after 4:00...p.m. this time!  We parked in our usual lot on Queen City and walked to the stadium where Caroline and I said goodbye to the boys.  David and Austin Kieff enjoyed the game from the stadium while Caroline and spent some time at the Ferg and walking around campus.  We even ran into one of the SWEETEST people I have ever met.  I knew her as  "Brandy Zito" and have now reacquainted myself with Mrs. Brandy Frost!  What a lucky man her husband is.  She is truly one of the kindest most genuine people I have met.

View from our seats.
One HAPPY little boy all decked out in his Columbia shirt and shorts.  He even made  it on the JumboTron...twice!
As close as Austin Kieff likes to be to Big Al!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Austin Kieff

Austin Kieff is my first born and my first miracle.  He is truly wise beyond his years.  He is unbelievably protective of his Momma and his baby sister.  He loves God and wants Jesus in his heart.  I love hearing that every time he says it.  He loves sports like his Daddy and shows some degree of  talent in that arena.  He loves  with his whole heart and is incredibly observant.  He is mischievous and strong willed.  He is imaginative and resourceful.  I am so thankful to be his Momma.


Caroline is so sweet and so full of life.  She amazes me each and  every day from how quickly she learns new words to how intensely she loves her family.  She is  funny and  beautiful.  She is rough yet fragile.  I am so  thankful to be her Mommy!!