Sunday, June 6, 2010

Austin Kieff's 4th Birthday Party #1

Pictures are out of order...

Blowing out the candle

Invite picture

The pinata

Helping sister ride

The Cake

Picture for invite

Austin Kieff celebrated his 4th birthday the Cowboy way...with wranglers, cowboy hat, boots and PONIES! He had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday a few days early with friends and family. We are going to celebrate on his birthday (the 9th) with cupcakes for his class and a special surprise...his dad and I are picking him up early from school and going out to dinner.

He will have fun celebrating a few days late, too!! Party #2 in Cullman on the 19th!! I had made party reservations at the Space and Rocket Center, but he decided today that he wanted to party at the Lake. Smith Lake here we come!! Now, I will work on the third set of invites (I had just finished the Space invites!!) and plan a Lake party complete with fishing and fireworks (quiet ones like sparklers and definitely no firecrackers!!)