Monday, June 27, 2011

While you are waiting ...

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The Jordan Family will be updating SOON! We are doing well and have lots of fun family memories to share!!

Thanks for stopping by!
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Thirty One Gifts

This month with a purchase of $31 you can purchase the large utility tote for only $9!  I am placing an order this Friday, so if you are interested in shopping, click here.  If you would like to view  the Spring Catalog, click here

Happy Shopping!!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Ball Player

I couldn't  help but notice how much he "looks" like a ball player in this picture.

Happy Birthday Party Day!

Today was Austin Kieff's party.  He had such a wonderful time with his friend and  family who were able to attend!  The Demo Team performed and Austin Kieff even broke a board!!   It was  such a  fun morning.  We are so thankful for Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Jerrica who met us at the new studio last night and let us decorate.  I think AKJ had almost as much fun last night playing hockey, basketball and wearing the sparring gear as he did today.  He is looking forward to Karate Cubs at Mr. Patrick's studio. 

Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Jerrica met us again early this morning before the party.  Poor Mr. Patrick was not  even  able to go to bed this morning (he works nights at the TPD, according to AKJ, "just like my Uncle Jeremy did, 'cept his T was Tuscaloosa and not Troy.").  Kasey Hayes Vinson did a GREAT job  decorating the cake and it was absolutely delicious!!  Fresh fruit, as always and chips were the only other items on the menu today. 

Here are a few pictures from our day:

We made a birthday banner

The Cake

Mr. Patrick  hanging out by the pinata

The food table

The Birthday Boy

Balloon Fighting was a "Hit"
Jacob and Austin Kieff

Lily and her balloon

The Demo Team stretching

Austin Kieff stretching 




I cannot spell this sweet girl's name, but she is
one of  Austin Kieff's Favorites :-)
It starts with a Y and sounds like Eye-EE-sha

Playing the Belt Game

Getting ready to blow out  his pretend candle!

Pinata Time!







Present  Time!

Austin Kieff  and Olivia (Bruce is right behind them)


Thursday was Austin Kieff's 5th, I can hardly believe it.  To celebrate, I took the day off  and we had a day doing all that Austin Kieff wanted to do.  We slept until 7 and then Caroline and I enjoyed a concert as Austin Kieff played the steel lap guitar and sang.  We ate breakfast at Waffle House followed by a quick trip to Murphree Park.  AKJ wanted to see his friends at daycare, so a short visit to his class and to see Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Khris.  We had a quick lunch at Country's with his  Daddy before heading to Hibbetts to purchase "game night" clothes and Wal-Mart for some last minute party items.  Swimming lessons at 5:30 with Mrs. Lisa (who some how has  become "ALisa") and then it was time to go to the ballfield.  Uncle John Wayne is coaching one of  the ZC ball teams and allowed Austin Kieff to throw a pitch on the field to Blake Cardwell, one of the catchers.  He  received some very important "high fives" from some of his faves, including a Mr. Ethan Deal, Jordan Turner and even his Uncle Duke!  What a great way to spend his birthday.  After the game he enjoyed a cupcake and his birthday present - A NEW BIKE!  A Spiderman bike to be exact...he even gave his little sister a Disney Princess bike so that she could ride with him.  The helmet Uncle Grady and family gave him at Christmas matches instead of being his motorcycle helmet he can use it and the bell that came with it on his new bike.

He is so serious about ball

Walking out with Ethan L.

Getting ready to throw the pitch

The Pitch
Yes, he got it there

Hurrying off the field for the game to start

Thanks Uncle Duke

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birthday Countdown - 4th Birthday: Cowboy Party

Austin Kieff's 4th birthday party was held at the Hebron Baptist Church Activities Building.  It was complete with pony rides and themed party food.  He had the best time riding the ponies.  I think his friends enjoyed it, too!  Click here to see more from his 4th Birthday.  We had so much fun celebrating his 4th birthday, we did it THREE times: at school, at his "Jack" party and at his "Cullman" party!!

The Invitation

Birthday party at school!
We had a Wolverine cake with Spiderman hats and plates

Classmates who celebrated with him:
Austin Kieff, Hudson, Kade, Anna and Sydney

Cute Cowboy pic

June 8, 2006

Five years ago today, I had a doctor's appointment. I was a little concerned because the little one growing inside of me had quit moving. At first the doctor was not concerned, but when he had trouble finding a heartbeat, he immediately sent me over to the hospital. After the results of the biophysical profile, a non-stress test was ordered. I wasn't sure what to think I call David? My mom? Am I overreacting? Once the contractions were intensified with the help of a little medicine, a sweet nurse told me I might want to call someone. She saw a c-section in my near future.

Needless to say my mom and David had already been calling each other because my appointment had lasted much longer than expected. They were by my side in a matter of minutes. This was definitely not what I had planned for the day...
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday Countdown - 3rd Birthday: Pirate Party

Austin  Kieff's third birthday was a Pirate Party at the Sprayground in Troy.  It  was the first party that his cousins on David's side were able to attend!  He had so much fun swimming and playing.  He even showed off his still new baby sister!  

Swimming  with Daddy

Cutie Pie!

Adorable little angel

The cake

Friends Hudson and Sydney playing

Austin Kieff trying to spray one of the guns...

The "spread"
Zaxby's chicken tenders, fresh fruit, cheese puffs (seem to be
a staple), cookies and candy.

Waiting to  eat

Getting ready to blow out the  candles

Opening presents with his friend  Anna

David putting the "big" present together.