Sunday, December 13, 2009

Going to get a wife...

Going to get a wife...that is exactly what my three-year old told us he was going to do yesterday. At first, he did not know her name or what she looked like except that she would be wearing a white dress and he would find her at church. Later, her name was going to be "Laura Renee," "like yours mom." He finally settled on one of his church friends to be his wife.

He was a handsome devil last night. He wore a beautiful blue shirt with a matching tie that really looked good with his blond hair. Any girl would be lucky!!

Honestly, how wonderful is it that my three-year old already knows where to go to get a! I pray daily for his future wife just as I pray for Caroline's future husband and their salvation. I cannot wait to recount this story one day...rehearsal dinner toast??

Misc photos

Meetings, Sickness and Church

The second week of December was rather hectic for my little family. I started off the week with an audit committee meeting followed by taking Caroline to the doctor because her fever was up to 105 and then an overnight trip to Atlanta for Edgar filing training. Needless to say the four hour drive to and from Atlanta was miserable...wait so was the night between spent trying to sooth a SCREAMING little girl. Double-ear infections were the main culprit. We may be looking at tubes, but are most likely going to try prophylactic antibiotics first since the ear infections are not her only problem.

After missing our Sunday School Christmas party and my office party, we decided to take the kids to the Christmas play at church Saturday afternoon. It was a mistake to take the kiddos, but David enjoyed it!


I cannot believe how much time has passed since our last post. All I can say is that time flies. Caroline turned 9 months old today, only there more months until her first birthday. I have already started planning!! Of course, the planning has more to do with the time of year for me than actually being prepared this far in advance :).

We, (Austin Kieff, Caroline and I), celebrated Thanksgiving in Pensacola by driving down Tuesday night after work to Nanny's new house on ten mile road. As soon as we arrived Austin Kieff wanted to know why were not at Nanny's old house. It was very difficult for me to drive over to ten mile road and see all the changes. The house that I will always remember as being Nanny and D-dad's gone...a subdivision in place of the backyard where I played growing up, the garden gone, the big open field in the back...gone. It was nice to see some of the big trees survived. We were actually arriving at Aunt Ann's house which is exactly the same which was nice. Nanny met us outside and I wish I could have captured the expression on her face and Austin Kieff's face. We spent Tuesday night and Wednesday night with Nanny. Austin Kieff and Caroline had a wonderful playmate (Aunt Ann) on Wednesday and on Thursday we went to "Nanny's old house," which is Aunt Sue's house for Thanksgiving. It was so nice seeing everyone!! We took Nanny by to visit Pa before dropping her off at her house and heading home. It was definitely a bittersweet holiday.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with David's family on Friday while the men in his family rather exuberantly enjoyed the Auburn/Alabama game. I must say I am not much for the football atmosphere created by four men, but David sure did enjoy himself. He doesn't go home much so it was even more fun for him because he had football, wonderful Thanksgiving food, hunting, his brothers and nieces and nephews. David's mom, grandmother, Caroline and I went shopping for material for Caroline's Christmas dress. We selected a beautiful red velvet as well as some pink corduroy (not for her Christmas dress!). David's mom is an excellent seamstress and we are so lucky she is willing to sew for Caroline. The drive home Saturday night was a bit rough, but it was nice to finally be home after a week of being away!

Now it is December and we will hardly blink before we are celebrating the New Year...I will try to post Christmas pictures before the new year gets here!

Before I wrap up this post, here are few random things I am thankful for:
  • a loving and forgiving God
  • wonderful family and friends
  • two of the sweetest, most beautiful children I have ever seen (yes I am biased!)
  • to live in Jack, Alabama near my parents and little brother and not too far from the best big brother in the world
  • a challenging and rewarding job
  • and because of that rewarding job, that my family does not worry about where we will sleep each night, what we will eat or how we will get where we need to go...
  • that if one of my children is sick he/she goes to a great doctor, of my choice, usually within an hour of me making a call
A post is not complete without a few pictures...

Merry Christmas!