Thursday, September 6, 2012

David's Big Break

The title to the post almost sounds like an event that led to stardom or fame...unfortunately, that is not the case.  I posted on facebook Tuesday morning that I thought the day was going to be a stereotypical Monday.  I only wish it had been!  Our day started earlier than usual thanks to water issues.  We thought our normal day would just be delayed a bit.  I would take Austin Kieff to school as is the norm and then take Caroline to school in Troy before going to work.  David would be a few hours late depending on how long it took to resolve the water problem.  This was not even close to how our day transpired. 
I arrived at work Tuesday morning hating that I was late and trying to work through a few items from being out Friday.  I took care of a few things when I had a call from David.  Well, I was rather busy and almost did not answer.  I thought I can call him back in just a minute.  He is just calling to tell me he is headed to work.  I am so glad I did not do this.  David called to tell me that he broke his leg.  His exact word were, "My leg is broke."  To which I rather loudly repeated, what to him was obvious, "YOUR LEG IS BROKE? oh, that was loud" and in much quieter tones I asked what happened and where was he.  He then informed me that the road had collapsed as had the embankment.  In the process, he was fairly certain his leg was broke and the rescue squad was on the way.
I immediately informed my boss that David was hurt and I had to leave.  The whole leaving the office and getting to David is a bit of a blur.  I followed the rescue squad.  Pulling up on the scene was a bit more than my stomach could handle.  I really thought I would be sick or pass out.  I saw the hole in the road first.  My initial thoughts were it looks like something took a giant bite out of the road.  Seeing David down in that hole took my breath away.  He was so pale and obviously in pain.  I could tell by the way his leg looked that it was bad.  It was at an unnatural angle. 
The guys with Coffee County EMS were were my Dad and Mr. Wiley Vann.  I hope it is not an experience we have to repeat, but if so, I will take this same team, ha!  I followed the ambulance to Enterprise Medical Center.  We could not have asked for better ER attendants.  The nurses, doctor and other staff were wonderful...particularly Martha, Keith and Penny.  After several attempts, the x-ray the doctor needed to see was finally obtained.  I have not seen it yet.  Keith told me he "threw up a little bit."  David kept saying the EMS guys said they could not diagnose...they could not tell him it was broke.  Well, his initial observation was correct.  His leg was broke.  Anyone looking at it could tell.  The x-ray just confirmed it.
After viewing the x-ray, Dr. Brooks said to bring him up for surgery.  David received another photo session, this time of his chest and an EKG complete with custom cut, ha!  Some blood typing had to be done before he could go up.  I road the elevator up with him and said my goodbye.  Waiting was not fun.  While I was and am definitely thankful he only had a broke leg, he was in so much pain.  I am not sure what I expected, but this was definitely not it.  I really thought we would be home Tuesday night. 
After the surgery Dr. Brooks came by to talk to me.  He said David had a very nasty break.  But, with his age and health, he should heal fine.  Our biggest concern would be infection of the bone.  I was not prepared for how David would look or feel when came back from surgery.  My brother drove down to be with us and we are so thankful for his presence.  He stayed with David while I went and picked the kids up.  Telling them was not easy.  They reacted as I expected.  The ride back to Enterprise was difficult, but the joy on their faces of just seeing their Daddy was just what I needed.  They were and are both very concerned about their Daddy.  Austin Kieff is a little more vocal about it and Caroline is showing it in other ways.  Brother Bart and Chris from church came Tuesday to visit and pray with us.  My Dad and John Wayne both came by yesterday.  My Mom is working on getting a room setup so we can stay with them for a few days. 
We are so thankful for the prayers, calls, texts, messages and visits.  God has truly blessed us with wonderful friends and family.  I will update this post later, but wanted to get the basics posted.
Here are a few pictures:

The EMS guys were great and quick to get David's leg stabilized
and something for pain

David broke the tibia and fibula and
had an intramedullary nail placed in his left leg by Dr. Brooks.
Caroline was glad to be able to see her Daddy.

Austin Kieff was a little hesitant and did
not want to get too close

He did want to take his Daddy's Coke with him


A little swollen

And he is up...not ready for a marathon just yet,
but so glad to see him up and about.  It has been a long three days!

We have not seen his yet, but this is what it may look like when we do