Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vacation - Day 3

Finally, trying to catch up on our vacation posts, ha!

What a week! My one goal was to make some lasting memories for my kids, memories like I have of summer vacation spent in Pensacola. I truly think this goal was achieved. Our day-by-day: Day 3

Monday, July 2, 2012 was our first vacation day with David...and when the Daddy comes there will be…fishing…fishing…fishing…and more…FISHING! Austin Kieff was ready to see his daddy, but he was even more ready to go fishing. Daddy went to McDonald's for breakfast platters. I had had intended to cook breakfast, but the kids wanted McDonald's so we obliged…after all we were on vacation….Picking up breakfast allowed David the opportunity to pick up some live bait as well.
After breakfast Caroline and I enjoyed a little picnic in the Florida room with Maggie and Ariel while the boys gathered their fishing gear. It was to be a day of swimming and fishing fun! We started out in the Braithwaite Bayou before heading over to Big Lagoon Park later that afternoon.

Big Lagoon Park was a big hit and definitely somewhere we will visit again. We drove around to an area that had restrooms, a playground, picnic tables and of course beach! The boys fished while the girls searched for hermit crabs. There really wasn’t a whole lot of searching…hermit crabs were everywhere! We even had a little hermit crab race thanks to Grandmomma’s suggestion!

After swimming, fishing and crabbing, we cleaned up and let the kids play on the playground for a bit. By this time we were all hungry and decided to check the GPS for restaurants in the area. I read from the list and both kids agreed on the same restaurant…at the same time. So, it was an easy enough decision to pick where we were eating. What was not as easy was the wait once we got there! However, I definitely recommend a visit to Tacky Jacks if you are ever in Orange Beach.  We explored the various decks of the restaurant, watched people feed the fish and visited the gift shop.  The kids were never too restless because of the scenery.  We even enjoyed a little fireworks show!

Here are a few pictures:

She spread out her "blankets" and had her guests seated beside her.
She is not choking Maggie

Skittles, such fancy food and she brought out the good china

Swimming with Daddy

Discovered this...LOVE it

So much fun

This bird was thinking about biting David

Let thr race begin

The big catch

The playground was fun...but not as fun as fishing with Daddy

Our view from the upper deck of Tacky Jacks


Souvenir...that is now broken, but she loved it for as long as it lasted!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Saturday was Austin Kieff’s first football game! His team played in a Jamboree in Highland Home. I will get the Negative Nancy bit out first so that I can focus on the FUN that was had!! This was our first experience as parents at a jamboree. We were expecting a lot of heat and a little football. We definitely got the heat! The football, not so much…it seemed like more time was spent by the referees trying to figure out which two teams were supposed to be on the field, what direction they were going in and who had the ball than actually playing ball. Four teams played at one time…two teams on the home side and two teams on the visitor’s side. These teams switched up playing offense/defense. It would have been much more organized to allow two teams to play for shorter periods of time if the purpose was to have more teams play in less time than to try to use this format.  Oh well, it was a learning experience.

The success for me was that Austin Kieff was happy…almost giddy he had so much fun. The heat was not really an issue for him because he was so excited to be there.  I worried he might need his inhaler, but he did great!  The waiting for his game to start was a bit tough.  The little guys were so full of energy and ready to play ball.  They really did well considering all the confusion.  Zion Chapel even scored first!  The game ended with the teams tied.  Austin Kieff said as we were leaving: It’s okay I didn’t play long, I am just glad to be part of the team. Proud to be a ZC Rebel and happy to just stand on the side lines. I am sure a little fear helped with that contentment, but this momma is OKAY with that!!

We enjoyed a delicious supper at The Old Barn in Goshen on our way home and were home in time for me to get a little jogging/walking in before settling in for the night.

After practice last night David came home and said, did you know the Coach prays with the boys after every practice?  I did not know this, but it sure makes me happy!  First home game is September 8th.

Here are few photos from the day:

Excited boys!

It was a hug, promise!

Getting Ready!

Ready to go!

On the field!

This was from the night before...they were having a dress rehearsal, ha!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Global Focus

So before I tell about the kids latest adventure, I want to take a few minutes to tell about our Sunday School class this past week.  Well, first, we had a combined Sunday School class with all youth and adult meeting together to hear a special speaker.  I must say, to be honest, I was not exactly looking forward to this class.  I really enjoy/prefer meeting in our small group.  Well, the Lord sure did take away any reluctance I had to be there!  The speaker was great.  He definitely kept his audience engaged.  Here are few stats he shared:

  • The most populated nation in the world is China...with India possibly going to surpass it in the not too distant future
  • Christianity is the largest religion in the world today
  • On average, 2,400 churches are being planted weekly worldwide (PRAISE GOD!)
  • In 1950, Nepal, had no known an estimated 700,000!
  • In 1949, China had less than one million Christians, today an estimated 100 million!
  • In 1900, Latin America was home to about 50,000 evangelicals, today over 100 million!
  • Africa has the fastest growing church in the world
  • Of every dollar given by North American Christians to any type of Christian cause, 4 cents goes overseas to help advance the Kingdom of God
  • There are about 6,600 unreached people groups in the world today
  • And, the saddest estimated 72,000 people die each DAY never having heard a clear gospel presentation in their entire life
The Global Focus speaker said something that really stuck with me...although all people equally need the Gospel, the Gospel is not equally accessible to all people.  He presented an idea of reached vs. unreached instead of saved vs. unsaved.  He also reminded us that first God tells us to love Him with all our mind, heart and soul.  Then, second to this, He tells to love our neighbor.  And one day, whether reached or unreached, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. 

The Global Focus vision and purpose states:  Our vision is to see the global church spiritually revitalized and strategically mobilized to fulfill its role in God's global mission.  Global Focus exists to glorify God by helping the local pastor and church leaders to be more effective in mobilizing the church to reach the world of Christ.

Psalm 67

May God be gracious to us and bless us
and make his face to shine upon us, Selah (Stop)

that your way may be known on earth,
your saving power among all nations.

Let the peoples praise you, O God;
let all the peoples praise you!

Let the nations be glad and sing for joy,
for you judge the peoples with equity
and guide the nations upon earth. Selah (Stop)

Let the peoples praise you, O God;
let all the peoples praise you!

The earth has yielded its increase;
God, our God, shall bless us.

God shall bless us;
let all the ends of the earth fear him!

Praying that "passion for God will lead to compassion for people."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Graduation Day

From August 9, 2012

Today my little brother graduated from A.P.O.S.T. in Northport.  My brother-in-law told us not to expect much.  You would almost think considering what these men and women are willing to give up to serve in the positions they have chosen that there would be a huge celebration and demonstration of thankfulness from the public...complete with press coverage and everything.  Like most positions of service, there is not much recognition outside the proud families and friends present.  However, it was a nice ceremony.  What was the best about it was seeing so many men and women commit their lives to serving others.  The keynote was given by a U. S. Marshall and I enjoyed listening to him.  He offered advice to the new officers.  Some of the items that stuck out to me were:
  • sometimes you don't have to  carry out the letter of the law for justice to be served
  • you don't have to ticket every person you stop, sometimes a warning gets the job done
  • have compassion for the people you serve
  • remember you are serving even when you are not on duty
  • be mindful of what you post on facebook and other social media outlets, what opinions you share...what you do reflects on your department as well...and someone is always watching...
The class president also gave a speech.  She was pretty succinct and closed with, "Stand to be seen, speak to be heard and shut up to be appreciated."  Good advice.

Today was not just the culmination of 12 weeks of training.  It was the realization of a dream.  A goal my little brother has had for quite some time.  While he has served in areas that have allowed him to step towards achieving this stepping stone, it was not until today, when his certificate was handed to him, that he could mark a key step off his list of things to do to achieve his ultimate career goal.

Proud is not a strong enough word for how I feel.  But I will say it, I am so proud of him.  I am so proud of him for being the person he is.  I pray he will allow God to guide his decisions in all that he does.  I pray that God will protect him and keep him safe.  I pray he will find success in his chosen profession and attain each and every goal he sets.  I pray he will be happy in a profession that requires selflessness, that can be dangerous, that is often  under appreciated.  I pray his desire for justice and love of the law will always be as strong as it is now. 

After graduation we enjoyed a family lunch, not something we are able to do often.  I can only think of maybe one other time we have all been together in a restaurant and that was after Poppa's graduation!  We didn't have as many members then, ha!

Congratulations John Wayne!  I am so thankful I was able to be a part of your big day!

First Day of First Grade from the First Grader's Perspective

First, here are a few more things about what may become back to school traditions at our house.  I am not sure what we will do when Caroline starts "big" school.  But, for now, you pick what we have for supper the night before school starts.  Two years in a row it has been Vic's.  Now, for those of you who read our blog and are not local, "Vic's" is actually Mr. Ho's and "Vic" is actually Vijay!  He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and once you meet him the first time, he will remember your name and all about your family.  There have even been articles written about him!  Sweet and Sour Chicken is your favorite (Caroline's, too!) with extra soy sauce.  So, of course this was added to our order.  We ordered Daddy pepper chicken and I thought I ordered steamed brocoli and chicken with no sauce for me.  Because Daddy was working, we ordered our food "to go."  We listened to your choir music, which has been such a blessing this week, on the ride home.

While preparing to pack your bag, we discovered a slight problem.  Your response totally sums up your attitude most days, "Well, if it gets dry, I use it.  If not, we got other bags.  Just pack me one of them."  You are definitely a glass half full kind of person when it comes to some things...a little anxious when it comes to others.  I am trying to be more like you!

So, the first day from your perspective:

I was on green. I liked lunch.  I like extended day.  I couldn't wait for football practice.

Yep.  That was it.  How disappointed was this momma? 

So before bed, I tried again and got a little more out of him

He sat by Zoe.  He met a little boy named Chase.  He has to raise his hand to leave his seat, talk and go to the bathroom.  He is going to have lots of work to do and "math is still a subject this year.  Didn't we have enough of that last year?" (Totally my kid...we are continuing to have conversations about how important Math is.  His Poppa uses Math everyday and his ability to do Math so well, in his head mind you, is very important to his work.) Mrs. Barron is an Auburn fan, but that is okay because so was Mrs. Jones.  He did get to see Mrs. Jones, but not for as long as he wanted.  He is going to have spelling tests and homework, lots of homework (that is what a big kid [a.k.a. 2nd Grader] told him in extended day).  His LEAST favorite part...NO REST TIME!  Yep, same as last year.  This boy wants his rest time!!

Here is his schedule:

  8:00-10:00  Reading Street
10:00-10:30  Language
10:30-11:00  Tier II Reading
11:00-11:20  Math Meeting
11:20-11:40  Lunch
11:40-  1:00  Go Math!
  1:00-  1:30  P.E.
  1:30-  2:00  Tier II Math
  2:00-  2:15  Snack
  2:15-  2:45  Science/Social Studies

Many more posts on First Grade to come!

After Day 1...Still Smiling

Had to take a funny picture!

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of First Grade from the Mommy’s Perspective

The day began a little earlier than usual as there could be no more “five more minutes” in the comfort of a cozy bed this morning. Thankfully, our little boy did not have the pleasure of sleeping late during the summer and pretty much kept his same morning routine. Thankfully, he was a little easier to rouse this morning. Excitement coupled with a tummy ache made for a quick “up and at ‘em” kind of morning.

Just as he chose his back to school supper last night, he chose his first day of school breakfast this morning. Pancakes were the breakfast of choice this morning. “I believe I will take pancakes for my breakfast this morning. Syrup on the side please.” We made a deal, he could put his pants on and lay back in the bed while I fixed his breakfast. Oh, the moments when he is not quite awake and I catch just a glimpse of my baby boy…I just love it…and I know these glimpses are almost over. I will look at him and remember when he was a First Grader…He has already changed so much. First Grade. As I have said many times before, where did the time go?

Each year I want to document something for the kids about the first day of school.  Here is a little of my journaling about the first day of school:
We stopped at the end of the drive for an official First Day of School Picture. I think this will be our spot. Even when we build one day, I think we will come to this spot for a picture. I love it. We said our prayer and talked about all the day would hold. We listened to music, sang and clapped. I delivered final instructions, told you I love you and a lady opened the door. You were rushed out, but not before I told you I love you one more time and to have a wonderful day! First Grade. Wow.

On the way to work, I worried. Your tummy hurt most of the day yesterday. You woke up with it last night hurting and complained first thing this morning.  I cannot wait to talk to you this afternoon and obtain the information for our next post - First Day of First Grade from Austin Kieff's Perspective. 

Stay Tuned...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Is it over?

Can it be? We can hardly believe it to be true. Really, we are in a state of disbelief. Austin Kieff surely is. We haven’t even finished posting about our vacation. This period of time we could hardly fathom a few short months ago has flown by. With only one week left, we are in bit of a quandary. What do we do? How do we end Austin Kieff's first summer vacation? Well, we are still working on that one. But, this past week was definitely a good start!

On Wednesday we left for Tuscaloosa, but more on this trip later. Thursday afternoon we left Tuscaloosa for Cullman. Specifically, we were on our way to Grandmother and Granddaddy's house where we would of course make a trip (or several trips) to the Lake. Not to be confused with just any ole' lake...the Lake is Granddaddy's Lake. He shares it with lots of other people, but it is his. At least that is what Caroline thinks. She asked several times, "what are these people doing on Granddaddy's Lake." I guess we go to Papa's it must be Granddaddy's Lake...

The kids were super excited for several reasons. First, we were arriving in the daytime! While this may not seem like much to our friends and family, arriving in the daytime is a really big deal for our kids. We usually leave Jack, Alabama after work on a Friday evening somewhere around 6:30 or 7:00. We stop for supper (by stop I mean, order to go and let the kids go to the restroom). Sometimes we stop in Alabaster to pick up a few things we need from Wal-Mart because I forgot them. This turns into our arriving somewhere around 11:00…sometimes later depending on traffic.

How exciting it was to arrive at Grandmother and Granddaddy’s and not have to go straight to bed!! Second, not only were Grandmother and Granddaddy awake and not ready for bed when we arrived, but Uncle Tickle Monster was there, too!! And, to top it all off, Hunter was there! My kiddos were in a state of pure bliss. Neither was too keen on going to dinner (or eating dinner for that matter), they were ready to play! Austin Kieff was also ready to fish. And of course, fish he did…Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday evening!! There were even several fishing attempts during the day!

While the boys went fishing Thursday night, Caroline, the proud new owner of a wardrobe fit for a princess, was only too happy to model for the camera (see previous post here). Grandmother, an excellent seamstress, has made Caroline some of the most beautiful clothes since she was born. Most recently, Grandmother made a dress with matching slip that can be worn as a sundress in yellow and blue, an adorable black/red/white sundress that Caroline LOVES, and a short set from one of my favorite patterns. I know I am biased, but Caroline is beautiful in all of them!!

The best part of waking up…is Folgers in your cup…NOT…it’s breakfast and Grandmother’s biscuits! Every morning, (did I type every morning? Yes, EVERY morning) Grandmother bakes fresh homemade buttermilk biscuits. She could stop there…my crew would be happy (well all of us but David!). But, does she just stop there? NO. SHE. DOES. NOT. Grandmother, sometimes with Granddaddy’s help (not mine again because I let the sausage burn…hey, David’s our meat cooker, ha!), scrambles eggs, fries bacon and sausage. She slices fresh fruit (peaches, cantaloupe, canary melon [more on this discovery later]) and cooks grits for Caroline…sometimes gravy. And everyone sits around the dining room table to eat. The kids take turn saying grace. Austin Kieff, a little nervous about praying out loud generally sticks to his tried and true “God is Great…” when we are there. Caroline sings her sweet blessing from school.

After breakfast on Friday, we began packing our necessities for a trip to the Lake. I am not sure who was more excited Austin Kieff, Caroline, or…David! We were barely unloaded when the question of swim or ride the “tube” was posed. Oh, the life…for the toughest question of the day to be, “do I swim or do I ride the tube”…I almost forgot for the boys, fishing was a third option! I love summer time!

Caroline elected to swim while the guys changed into swimsuits and did a few other things.  This momma, after almost eleven years is still a little leery of the lake water and was all to happy to sit on the steps and watch.  I will, on rare occasion as I believe my sweet husband captured this past weekend, join in the water fun...for a quick swim or ride, but prefer to be on dry land, the dock or in the boat!

I can only describe the expressions on the kids and adults faces as sheer joy when the boat first gets going. Of course there are always the impatient, “is it my turn yet” from Austin Kieff and Caroline’s “it’s my turn now. Isn’t it my turn now?” (only to determine 5 seconds after takeoff that it is decidedly not her turn). Austin Kieff, still rather timid in his Dad’s and Uncle’s opinion, smart and cautious in my opinion, likes to go fast on smooth water and slow it down and wait for the water to calm a bit once things get a little rough. This weekend he did hang on through some areas I wish he had just let go. I was so worried he was going to jerk his shoulders out of socket from hanging on for dear life! There was no way he was letting go, no matter how high he bounced. Towards the end of the weekend, he did let go a few times…finally gaining some approval from his Dad and Uncle Chris. Let me reiterate, I am perfectly okay with him NEVER riding the way his cousin, Dad or Uncle like to ride. Did I mention that he did not get hurt, and was not the least bit sore the mornings after? This cannot be said for any of the other three!

Dinner at the Lake is always a feast. Mr. Charles and Granddaddy usually grill. This trip it was chicken on Friday and ham steak on Saturday. Grandmother, Mrs. Brenda and Great Grandmother always make sure there are plenty of yummy accompaniments to the main course. This trip there were fresh green beans, grilled potatoes with peppers and onions, salad, Mississippi Mud, Corner-less Chocolate Fudge Cake, chocolate ├ęclair, baked beans, potato salad, cantaloupe and I am sure something else I have forgotten! Needless to say I was very thankful to get in a couple of good run/walks in over the weekend. I am afraid they were more of a necessity than anything!

The return home from the Lake on Friday and Saturday night (despite the delicious food we enjoyed) was followed by ice cream. David and Austin Kieff enjoyed chocolate shakes from Whitlock’s General Store while Caroline requested a strawberry shake. I had a cup of soft serve vanilla that was delicious!!

Did I mention, every morning begins with Grandmother’s breakfast? Saturday morning, after breakfast (and by breakfast I mean: homemade biscuits, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, grits…just want to make sure we emphasize how much our family loves Grandmother’s breakfast) we took Austin Kieff to get a haircut. My schedule has not permitted me to take him for several months. We had planned to take care of it while on vacation, but the place we had used in Pensacola twice before did not have any availability when we wanted to go. So, needless to say he was a little overdue on Saturday morning. The wife of one of David’s friends has a hair salon next to her house. As Caroline says, “the beauty shop girl” cut Austin Kieff’s hair, one of the best cuts he has had, and let her pet the kitty cat. The “kitty cat” was a mounted bobcat the “beauty shop girl” killed last year. David enjoyed catching up with his friend Jon afterwards and Austin Kieff drooled over an outside toy watched their son ride his motorbike.

After the haircut and a trip to the farmer’s market for a couple of canary melons, blueberries for Caroline and a jar of honey for me, it was time to head to the Lake. David was itching to ski a little and boy did he! Austin Kieff and Caroline had so much fun watching their Daddy ski. Austin Kieff begs David to ski almost every time we go, so the little guy was super excited to watch his Dad. David even showed off a little on the slalom course and received some applause and thumbs up from several onlookers. I am fairly certain his arms and legs felt the course much more than he admits!!

All in all I think everyone had a fun time catching up and just spending a little time together. Sunday morning, after breakfast, of course, we endured the long (thankfully only a little over 3 ½ hours) drive home so that I could get to a meeting and Monday came way too early! With both of us back to work and the kids back to their routines after several days off, we were not the happiest of campers this morning! I think we are all looking forward to our last weekend of summer!

Here are a few pictures from our stay:    

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Lucky Little Princess

First, I will clarify that I am saying I have a lucky little princess...not a yucky little princess as Caroline thought I called her!

My sweet princess is lucky because she has a Grandmother who loves to sew for her!  Here are a few of her latest creations.  Caroline was only too happy to model!  They and my baby girl are beautiful...

Caroline's slip that can be worn by itself. 
This is my favorite picture.

Her dress over the slip

Her REBEL colored dress

Her sweet shirt and shorts

Monday, August 6, 2012

Promotion Sunday!

Sunday was Promotion Sunday at church.  Caroline moved rooms, but remains in Miss Christy Chance's class.  Caroline is one happy little girl!  For Austin Kieff, this is a really big deal.  It means he is moving to a classroom upstairs! 

I cannot believe we have moved from Cha-Cha and Papa John's room on the end all the way to upstairs...where did the time go?  Recently, I looked at pictures from the Sunday we "moved our letter" to FBC-Troy.  My, oh my, has Austin Kieff grown.  Our family has grown by a member and been through some of our most challenging struggles since joining.  We are definitely thankful for our FBC family!  Sunday we found out one of the members of our Sunday School class would be moving on to teach a class himself.  We will miss you Jason Jones, but are so proud of your decision to teach.  Our prayers will be with you. 

Last week we received a postcard in the mail with the Bible verses for the month of August.  August 5th's verse was:

You will be my witnesses. Acts 1:8

This was a good verse to get started on for several reasons.  First, new teachers, new room, new rules...all things that make Austin Kieff a little remembering...well reciting a long verse for the first day (his memory amazes me) might have been difficult.  Second, he has had the verse before or at least talked about it during Upward.  And, finally, Brother Luke talked about what the verse means during service.  Talk about building on a lesson!  I think, although there was some squirming going on, that Austin Kieff understands the verse more now which, is a beautiful thing to see! 

Also, Miss Caroline memorized the verse.  She is so proud of herself (and so am I)!!  I love hearing the kids recite scripture...apply scripture...tell others about scripture...May my children grow to find  Your Word more precious than gold, than much pure gold; sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation Day 2

What a week! My one goal was to make some lasting memories for my kids, memories like I have of summer vacation spent in Pensacola. I truly think this goal was achieved. Our day-by-day: Day 2

Sunday, July 1, 2012, was to be spent taking Nanny to Three Rivers Baptist Church, visiting and relaxing while we waited for Daddy to arrive. Getting two kids, who stayed up way past their bedtime were too excited to sleep because so much vacation excitement, ready for Church Sunday morning proved to be a little bit of a chore. But, believe it or not, we arrive at Nanny’s house, 30 minutes across town, on time. Well, “on time” for what we thought was the start of Worship Service. However, about ten minutes from Nanny’s house we discovered that Worship Service actually started in oh ten minutes!! Being late did not deter us from our plans. We escorted Nanny to Three Rivers Baptist Church, where we arrived fashionably late and made a grand entrance, ha! Thankfully, they were having a special July 4th service and we arrived during the special music program so there was not really an interruption!! The pastor and his wife were so excited to see Nanny and Nanny was so happy to be there. I was just thankful to spend Sunday morning in Church with my Nanny. Service was followed by a potluck lunch…yum!

We could not leave Seminole, Alabama without paying Aunt Ann (also known as Amen) and Uncle M.T. (called Uncle T by Caroline) a visit. We officially met Pal who is the most adorable and loving little dog, I mean family member. The kids had so much fun playing with Aunt Ann, Uncle M.T. and of course Pal! We couldn’t leave Aunt Ann’s without a prize…that violates some longstanding rule, right? Well the kids each had a banana and I left with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and a few hot peppers for David. I have such fond memories of going to Aunt Ann’s house (which is where Nanny lives now) when I was a child. She always had a prize drawer full of the best cereal prizes and toys she picked up here in there. Uncle M.T. always supplied cool pens and order books to play office. They are the same with my kids. There is always a prize, a toy and SO MUCH love!

Nanny was not feeling well so we dropped her off at her house before heading back to change clothes and spend a little time in the…WATER! I didn’t realize how bad Nanny felt until later in the week :(.  Once back at the Bayou House we changed our clothes and had a snack.  It seems like when we are on vacation these kids are ALWAYS hungry!

I forgot to mention that on the way back from Nanny's on Saturday evening we did a little exploring and discovered Perdido Kids Park.  We literally just did a drive by to check it out before calling it a day.  But, on Sunday after some time in the water we decided it was time to pay the park a real visit!

So back to the WATER...the kids packed there things in the wagon and were ready to spend the afternoon playing!!  And, boy did they play!  We swam, we built sand castles, we caught minnows and tried to catch blue crabs.  We searched for hermit crabs.  We watched the birds and the jets.  We had a WONDERFUL time together!!

We played in the water for a couple of hours before deciding to change out of swimsuits and try out that park we found.  What. A. Park.  Perdido Kids Park is an awesome place take children of all ages to play.  There is a Big Kid area and Tot area.  There are misters that are fun for children and nice for adults if you are just a little hot.  The kids of course made quick friends of other children there...Austin met a sweet little girl and Caroline met a mischievous little boy! 

After leaving the park, since we did not have anywhere we had to be, we took a right towards the water instead of heading back to the Bayou House.  Well, what did we discover but Big Lagoon Park!  The super friendly Park Ranger gave us a free pass to tour the park before sunset (well 8:00).  Another place was added to our "places to visit while on vacation" list!

We made a quick trip to Publix before heading back to the Bayou House.  It was almost time for Daddy to arrive and our family time to officially begin!!

Here are a few pictures:

Caroline before church

Austin Kieff on our way to church

Playing in the water AT LAST!

Hot and read to play...not take pictures!

Future Blue Angel Pilot

My busy bee

My wall climber

Big Lagoon Park