Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trip to South Alabama

In October, we had the opportunity to visit the other southern side of our great state.  I had a work meetings and the family tagged along.  We left one Friday afternoon and drove to Point Clear.  I loved the drive was a route...well most of it (i.e. the part that I didn't try to direct a shortcut that ended up adding 30 minutes to our trip) we took many of a time when I was a kid.  Driving through Fairhope was BEAUTIFUL.  I believe I could definitely spend more time in the area...

Our little weekend getaway was a wonderful time away for our family.  We were lucky enough to have Miss Sara Hilton drive over from Mobile to be our sitter on Friday and Saturday evenings while David and I attended work functions.  We stayed at The Grand which was amazing.  The food...wonderful...the service...impeccable...the list of things to do...too long for the time we had!

We enjoyed walking around the resort, fishing on the pier, free bike rentals, canon demonstration and the beautiful views.  We headed home Sunday through Mobile and enjoyed touring the Battleship

Here are few pictures from our stay...the Battleship pictures have not been downloaded...

View from our amazing room!

Not sure if this was the dolphin or another fish..., but we saw DOLPHINS!! 

Austin Kieff had a great time fishing

Our room is the second one to the right of the big tree!


Enjoying a ride

There were beautiful butterflies everywhere!

The Cannon

Austin Kieff riding the rental bike

Catching Up...

So, the infamous soon turned into a lot longer than I thought it would...if anyone is still out there checking in, thanks for caring about our little family and trying to stay in touch via our family website and/or this blog!  I will be blogging a few things from the list mentioned previously over the next few days and several things that have been added to Thanksgiving, Austin Kieff's first school program, CHRISTmas, Nanny's visit and New Year's.  Hopefully, I will find the time to download all of the pictures that have been taken so that I can actually complete the list...

While you are are few pics of the kiddos...what most of you really check in for, ha!

Looking tough in his rodeo jacket and cowboy hat

I just LOVE this little girl!
This is her "hmmm, let me think about it" face

We see this face when she isn't getting her way!

Riding a "rental" bike at the hotel and not too thrilled about the color!