Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going and Coming

Caroline is being quite the character this morning.   She has had powdered doughnuts.  We have painted her toenails and fingernails.  Now she is pretending to leave...she has four different bags on her shoulder! Her phrases are too funny!

Bye, I have to go to the store.

I'll have a safe trip.

I love you, be a sweet girl.

I'll be back soon.

On returning:

I'm home!

Did you miss me?

Here's your prize!

Oh, I missed you so much!

She is just too funny!! Now she is taking Maggie, her sweet girl, to go potty...I hope she remembers to pretend!! I had better go check ...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sweet Caroline

My daughter is something else!  She is adorably cute and she amazes me at times with how smart she is.  Yes, I am biased!

A few days ago she told me, " I have to go to work.  Be sweet and don't cry.  I will be home soon."  Then she packed her purse, grabbed a notebook and went to her office. 

She then told me she was "super busy" and had "lots of work to finish."  She even took Maggie and Mary Margaret with her to work.   She was quick to tell them to talk softly favorite...too "be patient."

Tonight she was putting PJ's on her baby and pretending to be a mommy.

Oh how my God has blessed me...

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Wave Goodbye

Every morning I take Austin Kieff to school.   I love our morning wait for the bell to ring.  We talk.  We pray.  We sing his favorite songs...minus aerosmith (I took the CD to my office, much to his disappointment).  Some days we even get a Bible story in.  I love every minute especially his wave.

We pull up to the very front of the drop-off area so he can walk straight to the gate leading to his building.   Some mornings he gets out on his own. Some mornings he has a little help from a teacher.  Every morning there is this brief pause...a slightly hesitant glance back.  But as soon as our eyes connect there that heart melting smile appears along with the sweetest little wave. He has this I can do anything expression on his face.  He is ready to conquer the world...with only a little reservation at times. 

My little boy is growing up...I pray he will love the Lord with all his heart.  I pray he will do well in school...he is so smart, but so hurried on some days it is hard to focus him.  I pray he loves school in the years to come as much as he has loved these first two weeks.

I am proud to have a little Rebel and he is so VERY proud to be a REBEL!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Caroline had her second set up tubes placed and another small problem fixed a few weeks ago.  With David's new job, it was almost impossible to get her to Dr. McQueen's office.  So, we let our pediatrician recommend a doctor in Troy.  We were very pleased with Dr. McRae, although we sure missed Mrs. Paula and Dr. McQueen of course!!  She did great and our experience at Troy Regional was MUCH better than expected.  We saw a really sweet nurse that I went to school with.  Our post-op nurse was wonderful.  They even brought Caroline and me breakfast!

A VERY early wake-up

She was happy

Strapped in and ready to  go

She had her very own room and was given a teddy
bear by a very sweet nurse!

All dressed in her gown

She thought her babies needed to be in the bed

Her stroll to surgery

Austin Kieff and Daddy visited her just before she went back!

Jumpstart and First Day of School

Austin Kieff had Jumpstart a few weeks ago.  It a wonderful program that allows Kindergarten students to become acquainted with the school, their teacher and new classmates  in a few half-day sessions before school starts. 

Austin Kieff was excited and nervous.  I felt the same way.  It is so hard to believe that my baby boy is going to "Big" school.  I definitely feel like he is ready.  FUMC Daycare and Preschool did an excellent  job preparing him during his time there.  Mrs. Maxine worked with Austin Kieff this past year and made sure he was ready to start this new chapter in his life.  I wish I were as well prepared as Austin Kieff!  No amount of planning has prepared me for this milestone.  I wish the hands of time would slow down.

I am so proud of the little boy my baby has become.   He has definitely been a blessing.  He loves the Lord and his family.  He is smart and kind.  I pray he maintains these characteristics as he grows into a young man...thankfully I have several years before this happens...but I know, time flies!  Blink!

Austin Kieff is in Mrs. Jones' room.  His friend from FUMC and Church  is in his class!  Several other children he met at Jack in the Box and VBS at Hebron are also in his class!  He had a rough first day at Jumpstart, but things have been great the rest of time.  He finished the first week with ALL purple dots! 

Walking to the Elementary School

Standing in front of the High School

Being a little silly on the first day!

Standing outside of his classroom 

Family Game Night!

The Jordan Family has a new favorite way to spend a little time together...Family Game Night.  We made up several fun games that everyone could enjoy and had a BLAST playing each one.  Here are a few pictures from what I am sure will become a Jordan Family Tradition!

We saw who could hit the ball the greatest distance

We used Caroline's ball that was signed by the Troy Trojan Baseball Team :)

The Boys won the first round...

We played a game of ring toss using some PVC pipe and dive rings

We played ring the bucket

We had a balloon relay

We bowled

We had a baton relay

Don't less this scoreboard fool you...
Girls Won (un-sportsman like conduct on the Boys team)

Miss Daisy Has Joined the Family

I knew this day would come, eventually.  I must say, though, I was not quite ready for it this early for Austin Kieff.  I also realize that he is growing up and his interests are changing and definitely diverging from mine!  I also know that this is the way it is supposed to be.  He is growing up.  If I had written this post  when I planned to, I would add something like, "after all, he is starting Kindergarten soon." 

Well,  here she is, Miss Daisy and a few pictures from our first "date":

Austin Kieff was so excited to meet Miss Daisy
and so very proud!

Check out this detail

It even has her name on it!

A little saddened by the "made in China"

Miss Caroline is just as excited to meet Miss Daisy!

Future Hunter?