Monday, August 30, 2010

Funfilled Weekend: Cullman, Zoo and Church!

We left late Friday afternoon headed to Cullman. It was after 11:00 when we finally arrived. Grandmother and Granddaddy got out of bed to see us (probably the two sweet babies below!).

We woke up early and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of homemade biscuits (Austin Kieff helped Grandmother make!), bacon and eggs. We then made our lunch and headed to Lindsey's parents' house. We followed Lindsey, her sister Lori, Ella Grace and Major to the Zoo. We had fun seeing the animals, enjoyed a picnic and even played in the water. Everyone had a great time!!

After we returned to Cullman, David and I took Caroline to a consignment sale while Austin Kieff took a nap. I found Caroline a Christmas dress and Austin Kieff a couple of shirts, a pair of pants and a pair of shoes. Probably the best thing I purchased was a pair of football pants. He LOVES them!!

Sunday we went to Church with Grandmother and Granddaddy. We usually leave before church starts. Grandmother, Caroline and I did not make it too far into the service before heading to the nursery. Austin Kieff joined us a little later. After church we all went to lunch before heading home. It was a great trip.

When we reached Montgomery, David received a call that there was a leak on the water system. It was definitely a leak!! He had to wear his swim trunks to fix it!!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

After 11 pm and my kids are ready to play!

Excited to see each other!

Major was a little upset after a brief unexpected swim with the fish above.

Major and Ella Grace

Ella Grace looks after Caroline

Bird watching

Jordan Cousins
(L-R) Austin Kieff, Caroline, Hunter, Ella Grace and Major

Fun craft


I just liked this picture :)!

Waiting for the water to shoot up!

Enjoying the cool water.

Best Buds!

Daddy had to literally remove her from the pulpit.
She wanted to play on the alter. I cannot wait for the
day that she walks to the alter to accept Christ as her Saviour.
These are not in order of occurrence!

After church, Caroline toured the pulpit with Brother Perry.
She just took right to him.

No, she was not in time out. She just decided to sit in the chair.

She loved the rocking horse.

I think I had just told her to be still! The bruise is where she
fell off the bed a week before.

Uncle Chris kept an eye on Caroline...she hasn't learned to sit like a lady, yet!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keeping it Real

Strange but appropriate title. Yes, I am going to be honest in my post. I cannot even claim a "not me Monday" because it is Tuesday...

My son received his first bad note today. It only took four years. Well, I guess I shouldn't say it was a bad note because he was on "green" morning and afternoon and he did good on all of his work. What he did not do a good job of was selecting his words.

Austin Kieff said "the d word" at school today. That was the note. Of course, this was only one day after I inquired as to if there had been any problems with other students saying ugly words because of the phrase he came home saying last week. Thankfully he thought the correct ending to the phrase was bit. I will leave the four word phrase to your imagination. I will say he used it correctly, if I can say that and on more than one occassion.

So, back to "the d word." I was hoping that perhaps he had been saying "dad blast it" or "dad gummit." No, I do not know how to spell either of those words. And yes, I realize that they are not very nice but they are at least better than "the d word." And yes, I say both of those phrases quite often. My grandfather said them frequently, perhaps because my Nanny admonished him for his language in front of the kids at some point. Who knows. What I do know is that he said them almost every time he had a bad breathing spell, dropped something, spilled something, etc. Now I say them, too. Perhaps too much!

So, what are we doing about "the d word?" As I type Austin Kieff is writing a letter to his afternoon teacher apologizing for his use of "ugly words." Yes, he is writing. I wrote the letter in highlighter and he is tracing each word. Then he will finish his sentences, "I will not say ugly words." A full page of them. In case you are wondering, "I will not say ugly words in class" would not fit on one line. I am hoping it is a long time before he learns to say such words in his head or under his breath...

If you are wondering, once again, he did use it correctly. If such words are ever used "correctly." Perhaps I should have said "in the appropriate context if someone wanted to use such a word." Needless to say we are discussing appropriate words to express our feelings over various unpleasant, annoying, painful, difficult...situations.

What next?

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Cousins and Birthday Celebration

July 25 was a busy day for us. We had fun visiting with family and celebrating the birthday of a friend.

Caroline, Lily, Jacob and Austin Kieff

Caroline, Pruitt and Tucker (birthday boy) Vaughan
Caroline and Tucker playing on the Sprayground

Austin Kieff climbing out of the outdoor pool

Caroline and Tucker

Caroline LOVED the Sprayground.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy EARLY Birthday Major!

We traveled to Northport to celebrate Major's 3rd birthday. Major is the son of David's little brother Jeremy and one of my college roommates Lindsey. He has an older sister Ella Grace. Our kids just love them! We missed the party because I was working, but we made it in time to meet them at an ice cream social and had a "private" popcorn and present party with Major. Lindsey air popped popcorn for everyone which my family LOVES. I wish I had taken a picture of David and Jeremy sharing a bowl. I must say I was surprised the "boys" made it sharing one bowl...well, it was a BIG bowl and Lindsey did end up popping more!! We had a wonderful visit and left late that evening with birthday cake and cookie cake to enjoy later. We even left with gifts!! Ella Grace gave Caroline some clothes, shoes and a doll while Austin Kieff brought home a safety rail for his bed. Thanks guys!! Missing the party wasn't such a bad thing :)...although we would have loved to see everyone who came down/over/up :)!!!!

Caroline and Ella Grace

All the Kids!

Major opening his birthday present with a little help!

Ella Grace and Caroline really enjoy each other's company.

The birthday boy!




Beach Wedding

A long time friend of our family was married at the beach in July. Danny was my Sunday School teacher and Youth Director for a long time. We go to church with Keri at FBC-Troy. We are very excited for both of them and Danny's boys!

Playing in the sand.

Bride and Groom

Danny and his boys!
(I must say I am proud of this photo edit...there was someone
standing directly behind Danny's oldest!)

New Pool!

Who knew two inches of water could be so much fun? Thanks Papa and Uncle Duke for all the help getting the ground ready!!

We have a new pool at our house and the kids LOVE it (mom and dad do, too!)!! These are a few pictures we took the Sunday afternoon we set it up. The kids had a BLAST with only a few inches of water. In fact, they may never have as much fun as they did on the first day. Austin Kieff is slowly getting over his fear of the water and Caroline took to it like a duck in water. Neither like their ears wet or to go under!