Sunday, December 13, 2009

Going to get a wife...

Going to get a wife...that is exactly what my three-year old told us he was going to do yesterday. At first, he did not know her name or what she looked like except that she would be wearing a white dress and he would find her at church. Later, her name was going to be "Laura Renee," "like yours mom." He finally settled on one of his church friends to be his wife.

He was a handsome devil last night. He wore a beautiful blue shirt with a matching tie that really looked good with his blond hair. Any girl would be lucky!!

Honestly, how wonderful is it that my three-year old already knows where to go to get a! I pray daily for his future wife just as I pray for Caroline's future husband and their salvation. I cannot wait to recount this story one day...rehearsal dinner toast??

Misc photos

Meetings, Sickness and Church

The second week of December was rather hectic for my little family. I started off the week with an audit committee meeting followed by taking Caroline to the doctor because her fever was up to 105 and then an overnight trip to Atlanta for Edgar filing training. Needless to say the four hour drive to and from Atlanta was miserable...wait so was the night between spent trying to sooth a SCREAMING little girl. Double-ear infections were the main culprit. We may be looking at tubes, but are most likely going to try prophylactic antibiotics first since the ear infections are not her only problem.

After missing our Sunday School Christmas party and my office party, we decided to take the kids to the Christmas play at church Saturday afternoon. It was a mistake to take the kiddos, but David enjoyed it!


I cannot believe how much time has passed since our last post. All I can say is that time flies. Caroline turned 9 months old today, only there more months until her first birthday. I have already started planning!! Of course, the planning has more to do with the time of year for me than actually being prepared this far in advance :).

We, (Austin Kieff, Caroline and I), celebrated Thanksgiving in Pensacola by driving down Tuesday night after work to Nanny's new house on ten mile road. As soon as we arrived Austin Kieff wanted to know why were not at Nanny's old house. It was very difficult for me to drive over to ten mile road and see all the changes. The house that I will always remember as being Nanny and D-dad's gone...a subdivision in place of the backyard where I played growing up, the garden gone, the big open field in the back...gone. It was nice to see some of the big trees survived. We were actually arriving at Aunt Ann's house which is exactly the same which was nice. Nanny met us outside and I wish I could have captured the expression on her face and Austin Kieff's face. We spent Tuesday night and Wednesday night with Nanny. Austin Kieff and Caroline had a wonderful playmate (Aunt Ann) on Wednesday and on Thursday we went to "Nanny's old house," which is Aunt Sue's house for Thanksgiving. It was so nice seeing everyone!! We took Nanny by to visit Pa before dropping her off at her house and heading home. It was definitely a bittersweet holiday.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with David's family on Friday while the men in his family rather exuberantly enjoyed the Auburn/Alabama game. I must say I am not much for the football atmosphere created by four men, but David sure did enjoy himself. He doesn't go home much so it was even more fun for him because he had football, wonderful Thanksgiving food, hunting, his brothers and nieces and nephews. David's mom, grandmother, Caroline and I went shopping for material for Caroline's Christmas dress. We selected a beautiful red velvet as well as some pink corduroy (not for her Christmas dress!). David's mom is an excellent seamstress and we are so lucky she is willing to sew for Caroline. The drive home Saturday night was a bit rough, but it was nice to finally be home after a week of being away!

Now it is December and we will hardly blink before we are celebrating the New Year...I will try to post Christmas pictures before the new year gets here!

Before I wrap up this post, here are few random things I am thankful for:
  • a loving and forgiving God
  • wonderful family and friends
  • two of the sweetest, most beautiful children I have ever seen (yes I am biased!)
  • to live in Jack, Alabama near my parents and little brother and not too far from the best big brother in the world
  • a challenging and rewarding job
  • and because of that rewarding job, that my family does not worry about where we will sleep each night, what we will eat or how we will get where we need to go...
  • that if one of my children is sick he/she goes to a great doctor, of my choice, usually within an hour of me making a call
A post is not complete without a few pictures...

Merry Christmas!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Things We Pray For

Austin Kieff praying on the way to school this morning:

"Thank you God for this day. Thank you for your son Jesus who died on the cross for our sins, all our sins. Don't let me hit, pinch, bite, yell or be ugly at school today. Don't let Caroline bite or cry. Help me poop in the potty. God bless me. God bless Grandmomma and Papa and Uncle Duke and Uncle Grady and Aunt Mary Margaret and Lily and Jacob. God Bless Grandmother and Granddaddy and Great Grandmother and my cousin Hunter and his daddy, you know, Uncle Chris. God Bless Ella and Major, I mean Ella Grace she has two names. Oh, I'm at daycare. I love you, bye.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Please excuse the laundry basket, and yes, I am still washing. Her socks are a gift from Grandmomma. She just loves them, maybe it is the contrasting colors...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Bible Stories

One of Austin Kieff's favorite things to do is read a Bible story. Sometimes we read from the Bible, sometimes we read a book telling a story from the Bible, sometimes we listen to Austin Kieff tell a Bible story or about a lesson from Sunday School. I love how attentive he is and his desire to learn about God. He wants to be "pleasing to God" because "displeasing God hurts His feelings." His short prayers bring tears to my eyes and put joy in my heart. Watching him grow in his knowledge of and love for our Lord is AWESOME. Do you have any pointers on teaching kids about the Bible or verse memorization?? We would love to read your comments!

Here is a snippet of him reciting his memory verse:

Caroline's Dedication

We had Caroline's dedication the Sunday before Labor Day. It was so nice, David's parents, My mom, brothers, sister-in-law, niece and nephew along with our good friend Mrs. Terry were all there to share this special moment with us in addition to our wonderful church family. Brother Luke presented her with a certificate and a pink Bible. Caroline did great!! Here are a few pictures:

at Country's after Church

Getting ready

Catching Up

Where does the time go? Caroline is now six months old and has two teeth! She and Austin Kieff have had the flu. I took them both to the doctor last Monday and both had positive flu tests! Caroline also had a sinus infection and double ear infections. My fever started Monday night and we are all just now really getting back to normal. The kids went to daycare on Friday for a few hours while I checked in at work.

We had a great Sunday School lesson this morning and two new additions to our class! Austin Kieff is still not doing well with the drop off for Sunday School. He is doing great when I leave him at daycare. We have our morning routine...first, he gets out his carseat and the car on his own; then he goes and stands on the "front porch;" next I get Caroline and their bags our the car; then we all go to Caroline's room where Austin Kieff waits outside of the door while I put up Caroline's belongings and remove her from her seat; next Austin Kieff gives Caroline hugs and kisses before I place her in her bed; after this, I take Austin Kieff to potty; then we sign in and go to his room to drop off his bag before going to the breakfast room; finally (this is my favorite part!), I take Austin Kieff to his chair and the walk across the room, he comes running to me for one last hug and kiss, I take him back to his chair and am on my way to work. Sometimes he is smiling at this point, sometimes he is a little side. But, so far, no TEARS!! Of course our daily routine takes some time, but it is SO worth it!!

I promise I am going to post some new!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We are Alive!

Just a quick note to say that we are still here! I will post new pictures soon and several posts to catch up on what has been going on with The Jordan Family!

Right now we are hoping to go back to work/school tomorrow as the kids and I have all had the flu. It has not been a fun week!!

We hope all is well with all of our friends and family!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4 Month Check Up

Caroline is not a happy fact, she is miserable!! She had shots today.


25 inches
14 lbs 9 ozs

Doing all of the 4 month milestones and most of the 5 and 6 month ones, too!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Amway - Check it Out!

My cousin Spencer and his wife Alison have started their own business selling Amway products. The nutrition, beauty and household items (cleaners, detergents,etc) come highly recommended.

For nutrition and beauty products visit Type in "health" "nutrition" "beauty" or "gift" as the password and you will be taken to products in those areas.

Health products include: vitamins and supplements
Beauty products include: makeup and facial care products
Nutrition products include: perfect water, energy drinks, and nutrition bars

For the entire Amway product selection visit and register to become a customer:

Click on login/register
Under the section I want to be a new customer click on Begin Registration
You will need to enter Spencer and Alison's IBO number: 5648999 and Key: gro

Amway offers everything from diapers and paper products to purses and shoes. I have been very impressed with the selection. Be sure to check it out soon b/c there is currently a free shipping option!!

I will post a review next month after I have used the products I order for a few weeks. My mom praises the laundry detergent and shampoo. My cousin Spencer highly recommends the nutritional products.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think or if you are going to check it out!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Pics


Looking out

Mom, can I haveone of these/


Promised Pictures

More coming soon...
Celebrating 3 at Santa Fe

hmmm...what to eat


Birthday boy

Enjoying the pool

Enjoying the sprayground

Enjoying the shade

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We are Famous...well almost :)

We made Mrs. Vicki's blog!! Check her out:

We HIGHLY recommend her. And her brother does seniors and weddings if you need a great photographer give them a call 334-222-2727 or check them out online

Monday, June 1, 2009

Photo Update as promised

We hope you enjoy this photo update...there are more to come, but it will have to be another night~

Caroline with one of Austin Kieff's favorite nurses

On our way to Caroline's 2-month checkup

Future Movie Star


David and Austin Kieff

How sweet is this?

I love this picture

David and Caroline

Austin Kieff, freezing, after washing the car

Washing mom's car

Austin Kieff and his good friend Princess Hudson

Miss Caroline

Got to love this smile!

Blurry, but cute

Much better!

Dresses, Jon-Jon's, Burp Cloths, Bibs...

Need coordinated clothes for your kids' next photo session or holiday party? Need a great gift for a baby shower or birthday? Check out my cousins' website:

I have ordered Caroline burp cloths, bib and pacifier clip to match. I cannot wait to see them and promise to post pictures when they arrive!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Updates...

Pictures will be coming soon, but here is a brief bullet point list of what we have been up to
  • Caroline has started daycare
  • I am back at work
  • Austin Kieff has lost both of his teachers at school (new jobs and school) and has a new teacher named Ms. Amber
  • Austin Kieff has a new pet, his name is Tom. He (we assume) is a blue beta
  • Austin Kieff will be moving to a new daycare in August
  • Austin Kieff loves playing baseball...he can actually hit the ball when it is pitched to him
  • Austin Kieff is having a pirate party this Saturday
  • We went to John Waynes first summer ball game last Wednesday. Austin Kieff loved every minute that we were there. Caroline slept through most of it.
  • We spent the weekend in Cullman with David's parents. We spent most of the day Saturday at the Lake where Austin Kieff had a quick boat ride, swam and played baseball.
  • Mary Margaret has had her last "big" chemo treatment. She will continue to have the weekly treatments and therapy on her arm. She starts radiation next month

I think those are the main highlights...more in depth details with pictures soon, promise :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visit from the Elmore Family

I had a wonderful treat on the 20th of this month, my friend Jamie and her BEAUTIFUL family met us at Family Night at Riddle Pace Field in Troy. Although I had not seen Jamie in over four years, I keep up with her in the blog world. Real life Jamie is so much better!! Talking is so much better than typing or live chat. We enjoyed the home run derby and fireworks together. Well, two children who will remain nameless did not enjoy the fireworks. Surprisingly, Caroline did not have a problem.

Thanks Jamie and Josh for bringing your family to visit. We had a wonderful time and hope it is not another four years before we see each other again!!

Update One of Many

Well, we have not been online in some time at home because our computer was not working. Thankfully it only took $70 to fix and the great folks at PC Plus in Troy to figure out what was wrong!

So, as for Miss Caroline:

She is doing great! Thanks for all the emails and calls. We had several more visits to the doctor, but her last blood culture did not grow anything out which means the antibiotics did what they were supposed to.

She has since had her 2 month checkup. She was 11 pounds and 22 3/4 inches long! Quite a bit bigger than the 7.5 pounds and 19 inches she was at birth.

Today she went back to see her cardiologist. She was not released, but we do not have to go back until September. The PFO is almost completely closed, but there is another small hole that is allowing blood to go where it should not. It is called an atrial septal defect. Right now we are not going to do anything. She will be monitored to see if it grows larger or just stays the same. The ASD is what is responsible for the enlargement of the right ventricle. This is great news because it really is not too serious and can be fixed if needed.

So, that is the news on Miss the way she was 24 inches long today and 11 pounds 9 ounces!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Just a quick update as I am at work...

Caroline's blood culture is growing out a bacteria and therefore we had repeat bloodwork on Friday. They also took a urine speciman via catheter. The bacteria could be contamination, lets pray for that one, but if it wasn't, the antibiotics she has already been on will fight the strand that is growing.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birth Announcement

hopefully I will get these in the mail soon...Thanks Mrs. Vicki for sharing the files so I could upload to the blog. Check out Mrs. Vicki's website she does AMAZING work. These are from our second session with her (thanks to the ladies I work with!!). She did Austin Kieff's two year is BEAUTIFUL. She and her daughter Laura are so very talented. I definitely recommend them...334-222-2727 :)