Sunday, February 24, 2008

Austin Kieff Update

If you read our previous post, you know that Austin Kieff is sick again. After a trip to the doctor and a few tests later we know that he has another bacterial infection. We also learned that his body is not fighting the infection. His white blood cells were barely in the normal range. Apparently his body compensates for this with high fevers. We are on two weeks of a strong antibiotic. Because of the effect of the infection in his respiratory system we are also adding albuterol every 2-4 hours and orapred twice a day in addition to his pulmicort treatments. Three days into the antibiotics and we are seeing some improvement. His fever finally broke on Saturday and has not been higher than 102 since.

Right now he is climbing up into my lap so I am going to try and get this little guy to bed. The one thing we hate about the albuterol treatments is that they interfere with his sleeping!

Thanks for keeping him in your prayers!

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Jamie said...

So sorry to hear that he has another infection. We are praying for you guys. I only saw the effects of that medicine for about 2 days but I am not a big fan.