Sunday, August 3, 2008

Joys of Parenthood

It has been a typical weekend around the Jordan house. Yesterday Austin Kieff went to work with me. David met us for lunch and then we went to the park. Austin Kieff had a wonderful time playing in the misters and on the bridges. David took him home while I went back to work for the afternoon. Austin Kieff told me as he was leaving "I'll be back mommy. You go work and I see you soon." How sweet is that?

Today we went to church. It was just Austin Kieff and me because David was called in to work. On the ride home Austin Kieff told me "God made Austin." "God made mommy." "God made daddy too." "God makes everybody." I cannot wait to see how much more he says about his new class and their lessons each Sunday.

I love being a mom and I love watching Austin Kieff learn new things. I never thought counting to five would be a big accomplishment or being able to say LMNOP (those are the only letters he likes and he likes to say them really fast!).

Share your joys of parenthood...we would love to read your comments...

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Jamie said...

Love those precious things they say.