Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kindergarten Registration

I honestly cannot believe that my baby boy, my baby boy who is as tall or taller than most first graders we know, will start  kindergarten in the fall.  It seems like such a short while ago that Nurse Anna was advising me to call someone because there was a very good possibility I would go into labor or that he would have to be taken due to his stats.  Wow, five years in June.  I just cannot believe it. 

Austin Kieff let us know that he was going to be a REBEL just like his momma, Uncle Grady, Uncle John Wayne and Papa!!  I was hesitant since he has been right across the road from my mom for almost five years...but thankfully now that Papa has retired and is working for himself, he will be in the area.  I am very excited that Austin Kieff will know what it is like to start and finish school in one location (that is if we do not leave the area!).  I went to four different schools before making Zion Chapel my home and boy am I proud to have graduated a Rebel!!

I pray Austin Kieff will have all the opportunities to travel and be a part of amazing organizations like I did.   I pray he will be challenged mentally and physically.  I pray that he will make lifelong friendships.  I pray that he will develop a strong love of the Lord, respect for his country, himself and others.  All these things I know can be achieved in our  wonderful little community.  We may be small, but we definitely have a lot to offer in Jack, Alabama!!

Friday morning Austin Kieff was so excited to get dressed to register for Big School! He dressed in his Columbia shorts and polo all by himself and decided to wear his plaid sprerry-like target shoes, ha! He said they were "more comfortable" than his Sperry shoes. He put his important papers in a folder and was ready to go. Of course I had to take a few pictures!!

The sun was, too bright...he needed his shades

Walking In

Outside the multi-purpose room

Hudson Jones and Austin Kieff
David and I were in birthing classes with Hudson's parents.
Hudson and Austin Kieff started daycare together as infants and
were together until Hudson moved to  Pike Lib last fall.
They are also in the same Sunday School class. 
That is Kristy, Hudson's beautiful mom in the background!!

Patiently waiting his turn to be evaluated.

Checking  out  the contents of his goody bag.

Jackson Adcock and Austin Kieff
T-ball buddies!

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Lindsey said...

CUTE! I can't believe they are this big already - it has happened too fast!