Monday, April 15, 2013

Saturday = Fun Family Day

Saturday, April 13, 2013, was a very BUSY, yet VERY FUN day for the Jordans!  Caroline had her second T-Ball game at 10:00 Saturday morning.  David and I were responsible for concessions that morning for the 9:00.  Thankfully we live very close or we would have been very late, ha!  Caroline helped in the concession stand.  She was excellent at retrieving sodas from the cooler and giving them to our customers.  She even tried to help make decisions for a few!  Caroline was the sweetest little helper I could ask for.  While not the cutest picture, this is her giving me two thumbs up after retrieving several drinks from the cooler.  She said "see, I got this."  There is so much spunk in such a tiny package!

Caroline had fun during her game and was super excited (so excited she had to leave the playing field to come and tell me) that her friend Ben was playing on the Red team.

Just hanging out waiting to bat.  Caroline did not want to wear her hat Saturday
because it "smushed" her red ribbon!

After the T-Ball game we had to hurry over to the Troop 99 Hut in Enterprise for the Pinewood Derby.  This was a bit funny.  The Hut is located on S. Main Street, so finding it should have been fairly easy, right?  Not at all!  The GPS on my phone was of no use.  David did find the Hut after about 10 minutes of driving up and down Main Street. 

Here is our Tiger Cub waiting to go in and register.

Registering to compete.

We were so proud of Austin Kieff on Saturday.  He was asked to call the colors,
a task that he has never participated in before.  He did a GREAT job for his first time.

Austin Kieff placed second in the Tiger Cub competition.  The little boy who won his
division was the overall champion as well.  He placed 4th overall, not too shabby for his first year!

After the Pinewood Derby, David had to go to work and the kids and I went to Grandmomma and Papa's for a visit.  Papa had a surprise for the kiddos (well not really "for" the kiddos, but they will enjoy them!).  We went outside before checking on the surprise.  Caroline had to ride the tractor.  Papa said this was a "big violation" and she asked him not to "put the beat down on her."

Silas joined us for the visit.  We are taking a Gator ride to see
the surprise.  Grandmomma was driving not me, ha!

Baby Chicks!  The kids have been wanting Papa's eggs to
hatch since the first gathering.  Papa's eggs don't last long
enough to hatch!

I love Spring!

Our sweet boy is growing!

Papa's hay fields are full of wildflowers.  I love the visual, but not
the effects on my allergies!!

Austin Kieff helped Papa clean up his tools. 

She was not supposed to be in the dirt...Guilty!

David rejoined us and we spent some time cleaning up the livingroom.  It is amazing how many toys can accumulate if not put away nightly!!  It was definitley a FUN, if BUSY Saturday.

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