Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend - April 19-20, 2013

AMAZING!  That is my one word description of this past weekend.  It is always good to see family, but to enjoy a couple of days away from our busy schedules was truly wonderful.  Friday afternoon our family headed to Montgomery for the night, but not before we stopped for Austin Kieff to tell Silas goodbye.  This was Silas' first overnight trip away from home.  The kiddos were so excited to arrive in Montgomery.  The first question out of the mouths was "where are Jacob and Lily?"  And just who did we see waving from the window of their hotel room?  None other than Jacob and Lily.  David was the first to spot them, but once the rest of us did it was very hard to keep the kids from rushing across the street! 

We checked in and settled in our room.  We were lucky enough to have a fabulous view of the river front. 

The kids could not wait to see their cousins and Uncle Grady and Aunt Mary Margaret.  We all met up and went to pick up our registration packets from the train shed.  The kids were full of excitement.  They did not want to part ways for a minute.  In fact, I had two very upset little ones when we decided to grab a snack before the Biscuits' game.  On top of not being very happy with her parents, poor Caroline started feeling poorly.  She did color a little bit at Wintzell's but did not touch her food.  Austin Kieff on the other hand at every bit of his grilled cheese.  David and I split a fried shrimp dinner and a bowl of gumbo (far too spicy for me).  It was all delicious!!

The kids could not wait to go to the stadium.  As we approached the crosswalk, I happened to notice Mrs. Martha Roby there with her son.  No matter what a current official's political affiliation is, I think it is important to respect the position and to appreciate the sacrifice they and their families make.  Now, I happen to really like Martha Roby.  I have met her several times and have been privileged to be a part of a couple of sit downs with her.  While she did not remember my name, she did remember the location and circumstances we had met in the past.  That is amazing.  

This sweet boy posed for a picture with me!

Caroline was not feeling great and slept through most of the first inning

Dancing trying to get on the jumbotron

It did not take too long for Caroline to come alive!  She and Lily bundled up under the was FREEZING!

We left during the 4th inning because of how cold it was.  No trip to a Biscuits game is complete without going to Dreamland!  We have a favorite little waitress there and we try to always sit in her section.  We thought we might have missed the firework show.  This did not bother Austin Kieff because the noise level still bothers him.  However, after we made it back to our hotel room, I opened up the curtains.  It was not very long before we experienced the fireworks from the warm comfort of our room!

Morning came a little earlier than I would have liked, ha!  Race Day!  I was excited about all the day would hold.  The starting line is shown below

The fountain is one of my favorite parts!

We were all ready to run!

Our before pic:


The pink "pig" was Caroline's favorite after-race perk.  She LOVED looking at her.  It took some convincing to get her to believe it was a pink cow.  Cows are not supposed to be pink!

The rest of these are some not so good i-Phone photos, but they are all I have to document, so they are being used!

Caroline was so excited to finish her race!
The awesome cousins.  They all did GREAT!  Austin Kieff even came in 2nd
in his division:
I am so glad Caroline is getting over her mascot/dressed up in a costume fear!

Beautiful Survivors

For the sake of actually posting, I will update on the remainder of our weekend later!  Saturday was an awesome day.  When we arrived back in Jack, Nanny and Aunt Sue were there!  The kids were on an excitement overload for sure.  More about this amazing weekend to come...and also several other updates...

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